I just loved reading, “The Little King and his Marshmallow Kingdom.” It reminded me so much of my childhood. The Little King, Louis IV, shows us what fun it can be to have an imagination and put it to good use in our everyday lives. He, like so many with Down syndrome, brings such joy to his family, friends, and community. There is no doubt that those with Down syndrome have put smiles on the faces of many. It is my hope and desires that those with special needs will continue to create goals, strive to achieve those goals, and to never give up on their dreams. As I love to say, “It’s our ability that matters most.”

Here’s to a great
life with lots of

Chris Burke

-Chris Burke

About Chris Burke

Chris BurkeChris Burke is best known for his TV role as “Corky Thacher” on the hit ABC show “Life Goes On” and his recurring role as “Taylor”, an angel, on the hit CBS-TV show “Touched by an Angel”.

As an actor, singer, writer, and dedicated self-advocate, Chris has received numerous awards from local and national organizations for his tireless and inspiring work on behalf of people with disabilities. He has also been the Goodwill Ambassador to the National Down Syndrome Society and a Spokesperson for the National Down Syndrome Congress.